If the purpose of content marketing is more brand awareness and sales, then shouldn't your content show up in the places your customers already trust and frequent?

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Your industry's most popular media outlets are waiting to showcase your content, but only if it's packaged and presented just right. That's where we come in.

DigitalRelevance puts promotion at the heart of content marketing. First, we start by dissecting and decoding the online media outlets your audience frequents. Next, we work with you to repurpose or create new content that both the media and your target audience will love. And then we finish with impactful and dynamic promotion that ensures your content becomes your industry's next hot topic.

Just ask our enterprise customers. Our enterprise content promotion campaigns consistently earn coverage from top media outlets in their industries.

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Today, every marketer touches branded content. Here's how we add value for the enterprise roles we commonly work with:


sales and lead generation Sales & Lead Generation
  • Drive leads and conversions
  • Earn media referrals that help close new business
  • Deliver results within the same quarter
community Community Manager
  • Drive more shares, traffic, audience, and conversions
  • Accelerate content marketing results
  • Grow community
seo Organic Search
  • Utilize the one sustainable off-site SEO strategy
  • Drive natural brand signals for search engines
  • Earn legitimate, high Moz Domain Authority backlinks
communications Marketing Communications
  • Drive online media placements
  • Increase brand awareness and trust
  • Tie conversions & sales directly to media coverage

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