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[Webinar-On-Demand] A Content Marketing Framework for B2B Lead Generation


What if your team had a proven integrated content marketing framework for enterprise organizations that not only generates leads, but also establishes your organization as a market leader and wins marketing awards?

With this webinar-on-demand you will:

  • Go beyond best practices
  • Get a recipe for success for enterprise lead generation and content marketing
  • Hear from award-winning marketing executives

This video will cover strategic points with real-world applications of these strategies with the marketing executives that managed the campaigns. Go beyond best practices – get the recipe for success!

Meet the Presenter:

Aaron Aders, Co-Founder

Aaron Aders is co-founder of DigitalRelevance, a national leader in earned media marketing, planning and execution. Building on more than a decade of Internet marketing experience, Aaron steers the strategic vision behind DigitalRelevance's marketing strategy, research and collateral. Aaron also maintains a weekly tech column at Inc.com and has contributed content to various national publications including Time.com, Businessweek, Money Magazine, and SmartData Collective - where he also serves on the board of advisors.


Special Guest Appearance By:


Christy Uher Ferguson has been developing marketing strategies and leading enterprise-wide marketing initiatives as an experienced and innovative senior marketing communications executive for more than 15 years with a focus on software and technology. She currently leads Content Marketing Strategy for Teradata Marketing Applications and is responsible for conceptualizing, developing, and crafting content and messaging to support Teradata’s business objectives and thought leadership agenda.

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