[VIDEO] Increase Content Relevance for SEO

Posted by Jackie Newnam

November 20, 2012 at 8:00 AM

You've probably heard that "content is king," but content that can't get found through social media or search engines is barely a peasant. For content to win at search, it needs to serve your niche and help solve problems that people in your industry are struggling with.

Co-Founder and Market Research Director Aaron Aders recently sat down with Inc. Magazine to discuss his strategy for getting content found in the search results.

Guarantee Your Company Turns Up a Lot in Search Results

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Video Transcript

So, improving reach in search means being digital relevant. What that means is being relavent to industry terms that define your industry niche, look at related searches and see what people are searching for that must be outside of just your strict industry niche definition, and then create content that serves those needs and helps these people. And so when somebody searches these terms on search engines and social media websites, you're coming up. Really the social media and SEO and other inbound marketing channels are really just messengers to communicate this great content that you've created.

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