Tips to Help You Get the Best Deals on Cyber Monday

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November 22, 2012 at 6:00 AM

We have some tips for consumers wanting to make the most of Cyber Monday (this year, Monday, Nov. 26), traditionally one of the heaviest online spending days of the year.

“Cyber Monday 2011 was the heaviest online spending day in history, with $1.251 billion in online sales – up 22% from 2010,” said Steven Shattuck of Slingshot SEO. “Expectations are that this year will be even bigger. Retailers have been preparing for months, and consumers should spend time preparing as well.”

Slingshot SEO offers these tips for consumers looking to get the best online deals:

Visit your favorite sites - all year long. Rely on the trusted websites you’ve done business with in the past to send emails that highlight their deals. Most of the major retailers will also have Black Friday-specific landing pages: and One popular “daily deal” website is

Know where to look. In addition to your favorite websites, there are search sites specific to Cyber Monday, including You might also visit niche, product-specific websites; for example, notable video gaming blog frequently posts Black Friday, Cyber Monday and holiday deals through the New Year.

Know what you are looking for – and how to look. Using Google or Bing, it's a good idea to start your search with terms like "Black Friday Deals" and "Black Friday Giveaways." Consider adding "2012" to each – results can be different. Also try long-tail searches that include the item or type of item you're looking for – example: "LED TV Black Friday 2012."

“Keep in mind that things like reliability, shipping costs and customer service may be worth a few extra dollars at checkout,” Shattuck said. “And while Nov. 26 may be the best sales day for retailers, it isn’t always the best day to buy that high-ticket item you’ve had your eye on. Price really depends on the product, supply and demand.”

For more Cyber Monday shopping tips, check out our Cyber Monday – Search and Shopping Guide.

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