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Posted by Emily Bailey

April 19, 2013 at 1:00 AM

The Inbound Wrap-Up

The Inbound Wrap-Up is our weekly list of articles in the inbound marketing world that you should be reading.

Week Ending April 19, 2013:

11 » The Brand Marketer’s Checklist When Tragedy Strikes »
This week, our nation was shook up by the bombings at the Boston Marathon. As Americans turned to social media platforms to fully comprehend what was happening, many began calling out brands to halt all social promotions. While we all pray that these senseless acts of violence would end, it is important for marketers to have a plan in place when tragedy does strike.

22 » The Few Sentences You Need to Dominate Your Market »
Have you spent much time thinking about your value proposition? If you do not know what your value proposition is, you may be missing out on capturing a large portion of your target market. Check out this post to see how you can come up with a solid value proposition to easily explain the benefits your brand provides to customers.

33 » How 5 Companies Are Using Inbound Marketing to Succeed in Competitive Markets »
Almost every brand faces competitors with larger budgets to do bigger campaigns that seem to draw in more loyal customers. How are the little guys even suppose to succeed in that game of attention? That’s where inbound marketing becomes a small business’s dream come true. Find out how these five companies are using inbound marketing to dominate in their industry.

44 » How to Build an Online Community for Your Business »
In order to build positive customer rapport, you must build a community where your target market wants to engage. SEOmoz put this wonderful guide together to walk you through the steps of building an online community so you can start enjoying the rewards.

55 » Want To Increase Conversions? Focus On Referral Traffic »
In today’s marketplace, people are constantly looking to friends, family members, trusted reviews and even influential media sources before making a purchase decision. One of the best ways to take advantage of this online is through earned media. Find out what earned media is and how it led to greater conversions in this blog post.

66 » 3 Common Mistakes to Avoid with Your Social Media Marketing »
Social media can be a tricky platform for marketers to master. One day a brand may have a million fans then one wrong move and that brand could be facing social backlash. Don’t become guilty of committing one of these three social media mistakes.

77 » Google+ Adds Current/Past Option to “Contributor To” Field »
Google is at it yet again making more and more changes in Google+. This time they’ve added the option for users to identify both current and past sites they’ve contributed to. Find out what this means for authors and what you need to know about the change in this post.

88 » 4 Tips for Turning Your Editorial Content into Community »
Have you developed a large following due to the success of your content creation efforts? Congratulations! But you shouldn’t just stop there. There is so much more your brand could be taking advantage of to further strengthen your community. Here are four tips to go beyond your content.


9 » 9 Ways to Become a Better Facebook Community Manager »
Facebook provides the perfect environment for fostering a relationship with your customers (if your customers are using Facebook, of course). Keep these nine tips in mind and you will be sure to engage your community in a positive way.

1010 » Four Steps to Aligning Email Marketing and Social Media »
Email and social media are two of the most effective channels to nurture relationships with customers and prospects. You can make these channels even more effective by integrating campaigns for both. Here are four steps to get you started.

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