Success Breeds Success

Posted by jay love

November 7, 2011 at 4:08 PM

I just celebrated my first full quarter with Slingshot SEO so I thought it might be a good idea to reflect on my key takeaways from this action-packed baptism by fire. During the last couple of nights, I have literally slept on the concept of just how do I capture in words the pace and pure energy of this place. (It has been easy to have plenty of extra “think time” because a herniated disk in my back has translated into plenty of “awake time” during the last week or so.)

After the extra contemplation, I have come to the conclusion that simply writing about a frenzied pace would not do justice in describing the essence of the “Secret Energy” of Slingshot SEO. One must dig deeper. How else can you uncover the inner meaning of any subject? (At least enough to write a blog post about …? )My digging and speculating has uncovered something quite special, but yet simple enough to resonate with nearly everyone at any organization. Drum roll please …

Success breeds success

Success Breeds Success!

Let’s explore that concept a bit here. When Aaron, Jeremy and Kevin launched Slingshot SEO, they achieved successful results for their clients. In fact, it was not just moderate success: They achieved flat out amazing results for every single client! Think about it: Three young and very hard-working Hoosier guys start a company from scratch, establish superior outcomes, build love affairs with their clients and then start bringing others into this rarified air of pure success.

What does this do for the culture and energy of the company? It does not take long to envision the virtually unlimited amount of positive impact it has on everyone joining this remarkable group. The numerous smiles on the faces of Slingshot employees help tell the story.

As the title of this blog points out, it literally breeds success among the ranks. It is a very special environment to be a part of. I compare it to the magical journey of any championship team during its run to the top. (Being a Butler University alum and avid fan, I have to include the Bulldogs among these elite groups). Little breaks just seem to go your way. Opposition becomes a bit intimidated before entering the field of battle. Momentum always seems to be flowing in just the right direction. It helps explainButler Success why there are so many repeat champions or why certain directors and producers have one smash hit after another on Broadway or in movie theatres.

A while back, I read a blog post written by Canadian motivational speaker George Torok. In it, he captures a bit of the essence of that environment of success. Here is an excerpt from his post:

Success breeds success.

Successful people associate with successful people.

Successful people learn from successful people.

Success breeds success.

George simply went a step further is helping me bring my point home. Successful people do truly learn the mindset from previously successful team members. Once learned, the fun of day-to-day association can flourish. In our case at Slingshot SEO, I believe it has created an air of confidence and pride. The pride encourages the extra efforts and insights required to keep achieving superior results week after week.

We even go as far as to continually strive to top previous results. A huge part of the fun is then sharing the results among all of the team members. It is really not a bad place to spend several hours every work day!

Can the next quarter even produce more exciting insights here at Slingshot SEO? Check back with this blog section later and you will soon know. I personally cannot wait to see what unfolds …


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