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Posted by Emily Bailey

November 8, 2013 at 12:00 AM

Inbound Wrap-Up » Top 10 Articles Worth Mentioning This Week

The Inbound Wrap-Up is our weekly list of articles in the inbound marketing world you should be reading.

Week Ending November 8, 2013:

11 » 9,000 Uniques In One Day: A Viral Marketing Case Study »
Almost every marketer dreams of creating something that goes crazy viral. Unfortunately, this dream causes many of them to create foolish content that consumers can see right through. Here are some tips for creating great content that is easily shareable and your audience will want to discuss.

Gnome and Autumn Leaves2 » The 7 D’s of PR Outreach: Creating A Media List That Actually Works »
Great content may be a wasted effort if there’s no one around to read it. It pays to have connections you can turn to to help you promote your content to the right audience. Here are the 7 D’s you need to know to help you create an effective media list for outreach.

33 » Loading The Content Marketing Dice With Data »
You’ve been falling all the rules and churning out quality content on a consistent basis but it seems you’re not capturing the attention you thought you would. Here are a few secrets you need to know to turn the odds in your favor.

44 » 4 Social Analytics Tips To Improve Your Social Media Marketing »
Many social media experts think they know the perfect time and day for social posts to get the most engagement but what works for some brands may not work for all. Here are four tips that can help you make data-driven decisions to improve your social media strategy.

55 » Brands Are Anxious About Facebook’s Cautious Rollout Of Video In The News Feed »
Facebook seems to always discreetly test out new features that could have a major impact on your Facebook marketing efforts. They are now testing a new feature that would autoplay videos in the newsfeed. How do you think this will affect social engagement with brands that utilize this new feature?

66 » 6 Inadequate Assumptions Most Content Marketers Make Today »
There are many reasons why your content may not do what you hoped it would do. If you’re wondering why your content doesn’t quite stack up, you may be making one of these 6 assumptions that prevent you from reaping all the rewards.

77 » The Ultimate Newbie Blogging Guide: What The Experts Don’t Tell You »
These days, it seems almost every brand has a company blog. If you’re just getting started, you know you’ll have to be patient while your audience grows. Here are a few things you need to know that you likely haven’t heard to make sure your blogging meets higher standards.

88 » Google+ Adds Restricted Communities In An Effort To Court Business Users »
Google+ announced a new feature this week – restricted communities. Members of these communities can share posts that are completely private and only seen by other members. Google+ hopes businesses will use it to collaborate with team members. Do you believe businesses will find this new feature valuable?

99 » More Content Marketing Isn’t Necessarily Better »
There are numerous studies that tell you the more content you produce, the more traffic and engagement you will get. But when do you know to draw the line on the quantity of content produced? This is why more content may not always be a good thing.

1010 » The Thumb Is Gone: Facebook Like Button Gets A Makeover »
The Facebook Like button is one of the most recognized social media icons yet Facebook announced this week that it would be getting its first ever redesign.

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