The Editorial Calendar - A Content Marketer's Best Friend [FREE TEMPLATE]

Posted by Steven Shattuck

January 7, 2013 at 12:00 AM

Managing the creation and publication of the amount of content required to be successful in today's inbound marketing world can be daunting. Maintaining a detailed editorial calendar can keep your content marketing efforts on-track, dictate appropriate future content and maintain team clarity and unity.

Editorial CalendarAn editorial calendar is a simple document (ideally, a spreadsheet) that allows marketers to craft, schedule and track the content that they publish. A comprehensive editorial calendar should include social media updates, advanced (downloadable) content, blog posts and webinars.

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Social Media Updates:

One of the biggest benefits of maintaing an editorial calendar is that it represents a mechanism for producing all of your social media updates in advance. For example, your social media manager could write a month's worth of tweets (not including conversational responses) in one session, rather than writing a day's worth of tweets every day.

The social media section of an editorial calendar should include every network you publish on, the scheduled date and time, and the content itself.

Having social media updates written and scheduled in advanced will prevent any "blackouts" in case your social media manager falls ill or is otherwise occupied. It can also keep a team on the same page.

Blogging and Advanced Content:

If you're producing blog posts, white papers, videos or webinars on a regular basis, an editorial calendar can facilitate relevant and targeted content creation, as well as help you identify any gaps in your strategy by tracking topics and target audiences. In the case of downloadable advanced content, an editorial calendar is a good way to hold team members accountable for the creation of forms, landing pages and confirmation ("thank you") pages.

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